The revolutionary process we are using aims at optimizing the tailoring process with outsourced production.
Through the use of new technologies, we can now offer a perfect bespoke product with only 2 appointments for the customer.
Therefore, you save time and money.


Save Time


Save Money


Offer Perfect Fit

We started working with Adjustless, a label of guaranteed quality that will explain to your customers that they benefit from the most advanced technology when they ordered a tailor-made garment.

This garment was made for them personally, following the art of bespoke tailoring, in renowned workshops. They get the best quality and the best fit available at an affordable price.

They enter the world of affordable luxury.

The Process


The revolutionary process we use can be reduced to only 3 steps.
3 steps to offer a perfect bespoke product with only 2 appointments for the customer.

3D Acquisition.

We are offering the latest hardware for both fitting rooms and traveling tailors. Our sets are lightweight and affordable and composed of a depth sensor camera and a computer/tablet/phone. The interface is user friendly.

The application creates a water tight mesh, and extracts hundreds of body measurements and display a 3D shape. All data are exportable for CAD or printing software.

3D Shaping.

With our machining equipment, we can create a person’s perfect avatar directly in the workshop, close to the tailor’s work station. From the imported data, we can produce a dummy which is both accurate and affordable.

To reduce costs even more and to limit our impact on the environment, we are now working on reusable dummies and on eco-friendly materials.

3D Tailoring.

Our process offers tailors a simplified way of production that respects the codes of the art of bespoke tailoring. It suppress the step of visualization, during which the tailor must imagine how is customer is.

With direct contact, the tailor can work more efficiently and accurately. He can adjust the suit on the avatar and work iteratively, thus saving time for himself and his customer. The garment is adjustless, perfect on the first try.

An Efficient Sales Process


Our process grants the Reseller (Tailor, Stylist, Agent) to focus on the sales and service parts.
All the technical side is taken care of by the application. The Customer benefits from the best experience.

Total Customization.

  • Fabrics
  • Features
  • Fit


  • Order
  • Scan
  • Track


  • Perfect Fit
  • No Alterations
  • 100% Satisfaction

An Effective Manufacturing Process


Discover how to simplify the production process to reduce the risks of error, save fabrics and shorten the time spent cutting and making the garments.
The application makes sure the received orders are flawless.


  • Scale 1:1
  • Accurate
  • Visualization Free


  • Live Fitting
  • Adjustments
  • Best Finish

Automatic Cutting.

  • Save Fabric
  • Match Patterns
  • Cut To Measures

A Process Comparison


Traditional tailoring brings the best product but is too expensive for mass market. Outsourced tailoring offers the best price but with a poor quality.
Adjustless tailoring brings the solution for the best product at the best price.

This process offers a premium product, with a luxury service and a high level of customization.
The Tailor is in charge of both the sales and the production process. The Customer has to visit the shop 4 to 5 times, which is time consuming. It is a process that proves very expensive in developed countries because the production  cannot be outsourced.
Such a process is not scalable and depends greatly on the Master Tailor’s reputation.



Customer: 100%
Tailor: 100%
Stylist: 0%
Alterer: 0%

This process is the classic process when outsourcing production. The advantage is an affordable tailor made product, but the overall quality is much lower because:
– The Stylist is not a Tailor and he can’t analyze the body of his Customer properly
– The Tailor never met his Customer and he can’t cut the fabric accurately
– The Alterer does not know the correct way to adjust the garment



Customer: 60%
Tailor: 80%
Stylist: 60%
Alterer: 20%

This is the process we developed and recommend as it is optimized to get the best quality product at an affordable price. Any Stylist is able to take accurate measurements and send a complete order to any Tailor. The Tailor “is” with the Customer’s avatar (no need to visualize the body) and can work in the traditional way. The Customer gets a perfect product and can benefit from a lower production cost.
And this process is scalable.



Customer: 40%
Tailor: 80%
Stylist: 40%
Alterer: 0%