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Bespoke shirt vs. Ready-to-wear shirt

The vast majority of ready-to-wear shirts rely on 2 measurements only: the circumference of a man’s neck and his chest size. This means that all the other dimensions available for bespoke shirts – which include the breadth of the chest, the length of the arms, the width of the shoulders, the size of arms at the biceps and at the wrist, the roundness of the stomach and the length of the torso – have to be averaged out. This method of sizing a shirt to fit our bodies is, at very best, a rough estimate, and at worst completely inaccurate. In many cases, ready-to-wear shirts are either too big or too small because they have to accommodate such a wide range of bodies

The difference between a shirt that’s made to fit you, and a shirt that’s made to fit some hypothetical average man (that don’t really exist at all), is sufficiently palpable to ensure that most men who try bespoke shirts are usually extremely reluctant to return to ready-to-wear ever again. It’s the difference between wearing your shirt and another man’s shirt. With a bespoke shirt, your customer will look and feel important.

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Matching a bespoke shirt with a bespoke suit

When you enter the world of bespoke tailoring, you generally start with a suit. When you purchase your first bespoke suit, you realize that your ready-to-wear shirts don’t fit properly. It has nothing to do with the skills of the tailor, of course. So what is wrong? The most obvious problem arises with the sleeve length. A well-dressed man has about 1cm of shirt cuff protruding beyond the end of his jacket’s sleeves, but if your shirtsleeves are too short, or they vary in length because you’ve bought shirts from a variety of different brands who work to different measurements, then no tailor will be able to achieve this for you.


We have been devoting ourselves to make our factory one of the leading custom clothing supplier, with state of the art equipment and a skilled workforce. PRO BESPOKE’s experienced tailors are able to create all kinds of custom garments and among them, bespoke shirts. Consistent and reliable, we strive to provide top notch products at very competitive prices. Our dedicated team checks the specifications and size of every garment produced following European standards.