An Industrial Tailor At Your Service

PRO BESPOKE Is An Industrial Tailor

PRO BESPOKE is your dedicated industrial supplier of high end tailor-made garments. The company is the result of a French-Thai joint venture. As an industrial tailor, we are offering a level of quality, flexibility, operational processes and customer service worthy of European standards. Its mission is to improve the image of Thai industrial bespoke tailoring worldwide.

We are more than a custom garment factory: We are proud to be the first company to provide you with a global solution for tailoring business, from fabrics selection and modern software tools to after-sales services.

Our team

We brought the best of European know-how and process to combine with the best industrial tailor workforce in South East Asia. A bespoke garment will have to go through various steps in order to get the best fit in our tailoring factory. We have a team of experienced professionals from designing, pattern cutting, sewing to the finished product who focus on their task according to your demands.PRO BESPOKE is in charge of the production part, and let you focus on the most important part: selling more to increase your turnover.

Our Factory

We have been devoting ourselves to make our factory one of the leading industrial tailor factory in Thailand, with state of the art equipment.We are committed to creating value that increases customer competitiveness through a world-class solution that establishes the industry’s standard for superior quality and service.

About us

After an exhaustive analysis of the industrial tailor-made garments processes,we conceived a product to:

  • Answer all your needs
  • Help manage your daily operations

A key driver of our partnership is to ensure that we are the easiest to do business with, by providing:

  • The right products at the right price
  • The premium marketing and branding
  • The best service from our teams