Bespoke Clothier

Bespoke Company

PRO BESPOKE is your dedicated industrial supplier of high end tailor-made garments. This bespoke clothier company is the result of a French-Thai joint venture. It is offering a level of quality, flexibility, operational processes and customer service worthy of European standards. Its mission is to improve the image of Thai industrial bespoke industry worldwide.

Bespoke Suit Clothier

A fine bespoke suit can say a thousand words.  A cheap suit says even more.  Your office wardrobe should reflect benchmarks in your career.  The suit you interviewed in should not feel comfortable when you climb the corporate ladder.  Work with our bespoke clothiers to determine the proper cut, fabric, and style that is suited not only for your office, but your style as well.

Bespoke Shirt Clothier

Each custom shirt is made to the customer’s unique measurement. Every shirt is artfully crafted from the highest quality fabric originating from the finest European mills.

Bespoke Custom Jackets

PRO BESPOKE add elegance to your wardrobe and stay warm in style with our tailor-made jackets. From tweed to wool, from linen to bright cottons. We can make the jacket your customer always wanted, choosing from a huge selection design tools and linings.

Bespoke Overcoats

Nothing defines a man’s wardrobe as much as their coats. Turn out in the style with our tailor-made overcoats. Our overcoats come with the same selection of unique linings, buttons and other signature details as our suits.