Affordable and Easy to Set Up

We worked on a business model that ensures to pass on maximum benefits to our customers.Whether you are a brand distributor, a tailor or a self-employed entrepreneur, you will quickly understand how accommodating our global solution is.

Tailor Shops

Do you want a solution to outsource your bespoke production?

Online Tailoring Stores

Are you looking for a responsive and reliable supplier?

Travelling Tailors

Do you require a simple, light and efficient business model?

Bespoke Brands

Do you need a consistent and premium quality factory?


Do you need to provide an efficient and low-cost solution to your franchising network?

Hotels, Resorts and Casinos

Do you offer a tailor shop or demand in-house tailoring service?

Companies and Organisations

Do you want to offer in-house custom suits to your employees at an attractive price?

Entertainment Businesses

Do you wish for a Hollywood class garment supplier?

Self Employed People

Do you want to start a second part time activity based at home?