Premium Tailor Made Clothing

Premium Tailor Made Clothing

We are a premium tailor made clothing supplier and we provide a deluxe bespoke service at an affordable price. We can make custom garments according to your needs for business, casual or formal wear. We are a full service bespoke B to B tailors, in other words we are a custom tailors for the Gentlemen’s tailors. We design custom suits, tuxedos, sports jackets, trousers, overcoats, shirts, blouses, dresses, blouses for all.

Corporate Clothing

By implementing a corporate clothing policy, you’ll provide your workforce with authority, responsibility and professionalism. Having employees that display the professional attitudes of your company will provide consumers with additional understanding of the core values within the company. This will lead to consumer trust and security within the company/consumer relationship.

The style of our corporate premium tailor made clothing collection is defined by our chief master tailor in Paris.

In our showroom or at your location, we help you to choose from our large selection of fits and fabrics to create your premium tailor made clothing. We take measurements. Upon delivery of the outfits, you have the option of having a tailor present to make any alterations should it be necessary.

Custom uniforms

PRO BESPOKE supplies bespoke premium tailor made clothing uniforms to sectors including leisure, hospitality, catering, healthcare, beauty and retail. We pay attention to the fabrics we use and fit the material to the job function. We don’t rest on our laurels and always keep abreast of developments in fibers, materials and coatings to ensure what we are offering is the best and most up to date.

Premium tailor made clothing

Custom shirt

There is nothing quite like dressing in bespoke shirts. No one who has experienced the comfort of a perfectly fitting, tailor made shirt will get back to ready to wear shirts. The great look that comes with a proper fit, the ability to have every detail tailored to your specific preferences and the pleasure to own something unique is unparalleled.