Tailoring Company

Tailoring Company

PRO BESPOKE is your dedicated custom garment supplier of high end tailor-made clothes. PRO BESPOKE tailoring company is the result of a French-Thai joint venture.

Our First Suit in 1965

Starting as a local family business, the tailoring company is now becoming a worldwide custom garment supplier, serving over 2000 suits a month.

In a fast changing world we contribute to the groundbreaking new standard in bespoke tailoring business through the use of latest technologies.

Our Factory

We have been devoting ourselves to make our factory one of the leading custom garment supplier in Thailand, with state of the art equipment and a skilled workforce.

Our Garments

PRO BESPOKE’s experienced tailors are able to create all kinds of custom garments: Suits, trousers, waistcoats, shirts, jackets, blazers, overcoats.

Tailoring company

Our Selection Tools

Our chief master tailor’s only purpose when working on the selections was to meet everyone’s need and to simplify the production process.

Our Solution

Our software allows us to share all the relevant information in terms of sales, designs, colors… Never miss an opportunity to increase your turnover.

Tailoring business is a world with its own rules and its own language. With our solution, it only takes a week to acquire a solid base to start operating.

After an exhaustive analysis of the tailor-made garments process, as a tailoring company, we conceived a product able to answer all your needs and to help you manage daily operations, with a risk-free inventory, high profit and return on investment.

A key driver of our partnership is to ensure that we are the easiest to do tailoring  business with, by providing all tools needed and the best service from our teams.

  • Consistent and reliable, we provide top notch products at very competitive prices
  • We are in charge of the production, you can focus on how to increase your turnover
  • Our all-in-one software is the key to the business model we are setting up
  • Our dedicated team checks every garment produced following European standards
  • In our company before all other things, our customer comes first